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CD and DVD Cabinets

The Wilkins and Kent CD cabinet has set the standard for CD storage for many years, it has had to adapt to the times and now is just as commonly built as DVD or Bluray storage or combinations of all three. The unit of measure is the pigeonhole box which will hold 14 CDs, you can either count up your CDs and DVDs or measure your floorspace and come and see us. There are two styles of frame, Traditional or Barbi,(see FAQ for further explanation) which can come in many different timber finishes and then the interiors can be painted in many different colours, (samples can be sent in the post to help you choose). This combined with all the different sizes and shelf configurations means that we can never cover all the options in store but there are always many to choose from or you can always get the right one made for you. As you can see from the examples they can also be made as wall hanging pieces, incorporated into other wall units or be fitted with doors.

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