Can I buy furniture online?

Yes. Furniture items can be ordered directly from the website made to order in most cases. There is an “add to cart” button visible for most items. We do have a rotating display of furniture in our showroom ready for immediate purchase also. If the item is in stock and available for immediate delivery it will show this information in the description, otherwise the lead time for manufacture in our workshop is shown. Not all items are available for immediate purchase due to our desire to adhere to sustainable practices without wasting materials. If you are interested in other pieces on our website, or would like to order bespoke items, please do drop into the shop or contact our friendly staff to inquire about options.

How long will my order take?

If furniture is in stock, we will arrange delivery or pick up straight away. Delivery in Melbourne can be arranged within a few days whilst interstate deliveries can take a little longer to organise, depending on the location of our trusty carriers.

For each piece of furniture that is made to order you will be given an approximate lead time before you order. This will depend on what you are ordering and what else might be going on in the workshop.Items such as CD cabinets, bookcases, simple cubes and Hi-Fi furniture will take 8-10 weeks if they are similar to our standard pieces. Beds, tables, and other solid timber pieces can take 12-14 weeks. We are a small workshop and do endeavour to meet these deadlines, but some pieces will sometimes take a little longer accordingly. We will also keep you updated on how your piece is coming along.

Is delivery an additional cost?

Yes. We rely on carefully selected friendly furniture carriers, with the delivery fee going directly to the carrier. Price will depend on the location of delivery and type/size of furniture. We endeavour to keep costs down by selecting carrier services we can rely on for competitive pricing and most importantly; reliability.

Can I get furniture delivered interstate?

Yes! We have carriers whose services we trust. We can either organise delivery subject to quote approval, or we can provide their details so you can deal directly with them, or you can use your own carrier. We do only recommend proper furniture removalists who will deliver door to door.

What are the different types of wood?

There are a variety of timbers available: Rock Maple, Stripey Ash, Crazy Ash, Blackwood, U.S Oak, Silky Oak, Cherry, Myrtle, Redgum and Jarrah are the main timbers available. Be aware that not all timbers are possible for all furniture: Size and design will need to be considered, so please refer to the wood available in the furniture description or inquire by phone or email to clarify.

What are MDF and timber veneer?

MDF (medium density fibreboard) is an engineered board made from waste products and wood fibres from sustainable timber sources. It is a very stable material and is the best surface for painted finishes of any sort, as it glues and holds screws well. It is commonly used as the substrate for timber veneers and laminates. It does produce a fine dust when cutting and some odours when first used, but once the board is sealed with a clear or painted finish this will go away. All the MDF used by us is made in Australia to high standards and from sustainable sources.

Veneering is the time-honoured trade of slicing exceptionally fine thicknesses of A-grade timber and gluing it on to another surface, usually MDF or plywood. This enables valuable timber resources to be used to their full potential. This surface you see is still solid timber but just very thin, which is advantageous for normal use situations. The most vulnerable part of any piece is the edges or corners and on Wilkins and Kent pieces they always have a thicker matching solid timber edge glued on to ensure strength.

What do "traditional" and "barbi" mean?

Items such as bookcases, cd cabinets, wine cabinets and chests are available in one of two design features: “traditional” or “barbi”. The "traditional" will have solid timber legs and top (where appropriate), recessed side panels, taller feet and a flared top (where appropriate). The "barbi" has flat panel sides, mitred corners and shorter block feet. On some pieces there will be a difference in price between these two. This not due to a difference in quality but rather labour and materials involved. The "barbi" has the advantage of having many more options available for timbers. See photos or stock for reference.

What finish is on the furniture?

Different finishes are used in different circumstances. For the majority of our timbers, whether they are veneers or solid, we use a high-quality Satin polyurethane finish, which is applied by hand in our workshop. When requested we will use a Danish oil, which has a more matt appearance. In some circumstances, such as for bathroom cabinets etc, we can get a two-pack clear finish applied. Exteriors of our painted cabinets can be a two-pack paint finish from another workshop (could be an extra charge). Coloured interiors of our cabinets are either colourboard, painted or have a water based clear finish applied. These colours and finishes can be discussed and chosen to create unique pieces.

Do you have a design service?

If we are quoting on a custom piece of furniture, we will provide full dimensioned drawings for your approval. There is no charge for this, even if it includes a visit to your home to discuss the design.

Where is the furniture made?

All the furniture is made in our workshop at the rear of the Brunswick St shop. We stock a variety of other furniture that isn’t able to be made in the workshop, such as locally made Peter Sands beds, and soft furnished lounge chairs and outdoor furniture by carefully selected manufacturers, including La Forma and Lucinda Rose.

Is the timber from sustainable sources?

Yes. All our timber is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited. This means that the timber we use has undergone the highest standards of regulation, including sustainable forest and soil management, protection of indigenous rights, and social and economic sustainable practices. Not only do the sustainable forests for manufacturing ensure ancient forests are protected, but the growth contributes to the net removal of Co2 from the atmosphere, which of course is beneficial to the environment. This is important to us at Wilkins and Kent. Not only is our timber sustainably sourced but our manufacturing processes ensures minimal waste from materials to power, for minimal environmental impact.

More information can be found at https://fsc.org/en

Why might my piece look different from the sample shown to me?

Timber is a natural product and it will vary in colour and grain from board to board or even along the length of a single board. We do not stain any pieces and so variation will be expected. Some timbers such as Ash and Oak are fairly consistent in colour and grain, whereas others such as Blackwood and Jarrah can vary wildly. We consider this a positive and will often try to display this natural beauty along with gum veins and swirly knots. To an extent we can select timber to suit what you would like, so please talk about this with our staff.

Why buy local?

A table made in Melbourne might cost a few hundred dollars more, but the people who make it are being paid a good wage in one of the most expensive cities in the world. They are people who spend their money here in other businesses and have good healthcare and superannuation plans. You are keeping Australia skilled and by supporting apprentice programs you are helping keep the TAFE program going and giving opportunities to young (or older) people. The timber that is in the table has come from sustainable forest programs and the manufacturing processes are well monitored with great health and safety programs. That is what you are paying for. Can you say the same about the imported table? Australian manufacturers need to be supported for your own good and the good of the neighbourhood.

What sort of warranty do you have?

We could easily say “lifetime” warranty, but that term is used a little loosely these days. You can rest assured that any furniture piece will be repaired or replaced by us if there is any defect due to manufacturing faults or equipment failure. This may be the rare event of a broken bed slat or screws loosening. What is not covered is normal “wear and tear”, inappropriate use, or in the case of solid timber pieces, items stored or kept in an unsuitable environment. We take great care when making the pieces to ensure that faults don’t happen.