It might not be so obvious these days but the design and making of furniture is at the core of Wilkins and Kent. We still have the workshop and we are still hard at work making our special pieces for all our customers (quite a few are regulars over the years as they collect a household of Wilkins and Kent Furniture. 

As we have grown, our furniture making has been structured along two paths. We have several standard lines although they are still mostly made to order, such as the signature CD/DVD cabinet, Hifi and wine cabinets, beds and bookcases. Added to that are our solid timber pieces such as the beautifully crafted tables and buffets. Always a strong part of the business has been our built in furniture such as large bookcases, storage areas and wardrobes.

Most of our standard pieces have PDF's available showing the prices for different sizes and configurations. If you are interested in any other furniture please drop into the shops or send us an email to discuss your ideas.