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Designed and made in Australia, this beautiful canvas map of the world can truly own the room in which it is hung — home, office or classroom. It is meticulously designed by a cartographer using natural hues and shading to depict detailed topography and bathymetry of our world's surface. Updated yearly the maps are not only a stunning adornment to an interior, they are also an accurate guide to our world’s changing geographical and political landscape. 

The medium is a cotton canvas, hand stitched to bamboo rods and hung by a natural cotton cord. The rich and vibrant artworks are applied to the canvas using an eco-friendly water-based latex ink, capturing every colour and detail in perfect clarity.

Production is handled by a Melbourne based manufacturing partner keeping the entire cycle of design and production within Australia.

QUANTITY: 1 x hanging canvas
INCLUDES: Bamboo rods and hanging rope. Packaged in mailing cylinder.
SIZE: 170cm (w) x 120cm (h) – Horizontal hang.